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Facebook Status – Facebook is the unique way to connect to your friends either you are near or not. You can find here best ever Facebook Status which surely glow your profile. Whenever someone want to judge you he / she visit your Facebook profile and see things you posted there. Facebook is the way people can arrive easily and a lot of people world wide are using this. We have arranges best ever list about Facebook Status which you can easily copy and post to your timeline.

Our team doing best day by day to arrange unique wishes, quotes and images for followers. So now move toward our arranged list without wasting more time.

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Best one Facebook Status – Messages , Quotes, Saying

  1. From when you wake up to when you go to bed, Always do your best which you can!!

  2. Camera is the only thing which can stop time!!

  3. Put “Smile” so that people think you are joking, but actually you are not.

  4. I dont want to became the part of gathering but i want to be the one for whom there should be gathering.

  5. Don’t expect #love, Only Spread #love.

  6. February is the best month of year and the reason behind this women speak less in this month (28 days)

  7. Forgive peoples even they don’t deserve this because its important that you deserve peace.

  8. You think you are genius but you just think, I believe i am genius.

  9. If you are alive and breath perfectly then its not ok because you breath in limited way, Do something that you ever remembered and alive.

  10. After any competition people clap for winner and even they don’t know who he / she is.

  11. Always be a perfect but don’t think that you are perfect.

  12. I’m perfect and my perfection is at the peak. Keep jealousing !!!

  13. Keep trying for the best and never give up, you will surely win or learn.

  14. Today my facebook status is blank, because i want someone understand my feelings without words.

  15. Always keep 🙂 Its necessary to hide the 🙁

  16. I am not here to impress people, so i do which i can my best.

  17. You think i would hate you for what you did to me, Ohh Never, i don’t have time for this.

  18. Its my personal think that we fall in Love with our self and that would be the true relation ever.

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  19. Don’t treat me like rubber band, i will leave the other side and then it hurts.

  20. I never force her to call because I know she will do it if I’m the priority.

  21. Whenever i saw you, I want to see in your eyes such as its the first time I’m doing.

  22. I respect your attitude, because I believe attitude is necessary to impress me.

  23. I will explain myself only when I think I am wrong but right now I’m not.

  24. I’m Calm and you can see me, but right now i want to kill someone twice.

  25. You Look handsome but I want to talk to you , because i want to judge you.

  26. Morning hug is awesome and I’m lucky because i hug my self daily.

  27. If you want your dreams come true so first you wake up.

  28. Thinking is easy but when we start thinking it become difficult to stop this.

  29. Peoples do once and do it again and again, don’t think they will ever change.

  30. We can make our life much better with experiences, so don’t loose hope.

  31. Start valuing your friends they are the precious gifts from God.

  32. Time is only thing which we can spend but can’t able to save it.

  33. Happiness is something which is unknown to sad fellows.


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